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The Benefits of Co-working

August 25, 2017

So you’ve finally done what you’ve been meaning to do for so long and set up your own business. However, one of the most important questions you must ask yourself at the outset is “where am I going to work?” – after all, your environment plays a big role in your daily productivity. 


For many, renting a long-term office space can be costly and inflexible, making it an unrealistic option particularly in the early stages of the life of your new business. On the other hand, as appealing as working from trendy coffee shops or from home in your pyjamas can seem, they certainly come with their fair share of disadvantages. The ideal option between the two comes in the form of a ‘co-working space’; a place where you can go with your laptop, choose a seat at a table, enjoy the use of a good Internet connection, kitchen and toilet facilities and the company of people just like you, who work remotely having their own businesses too. The benefits and advantages of co-working are many. Today, let us run you through some of the reasons we think you should choose a co-working space as your working environment of choice…

  • Reduce your costs and add flexibility

As already mentioned, long-term office rental can be costly - especially in the beginning stages of your business where you want to reduce costs as much as possible – and can also tie you into a long-term contract, which is difficult to get out of, should you ever need to. Co-working spaces generally run on flexible contracts and are priced very reasonably, making this an affordable and realistic option. The Hive offers month-by-month contracts giving you extra flexibility, and prices start from just 3,450 MUR per month.

  • Separate work from home

Working from home can seem like a dream but realistically, distraction after distraction can make working effectively impossible; the telephone ringing, children crying, the TV and those last few episodes of your favourite programme that you need to catch up on… Separating work from home is extremely important for many of us and puts you in the right mindset for work, allows you to work more productively and efficiently as well as getting you out of the house for a change of environment and a breath of fresh air.

  • Avoid loneliness, be inspired and create a fantastic network

Running your own business, especially if you are a one-person team, can get extremely lonely when your only real company is your laptop and the people you are liasing with through emails and calls. Using a co-working space allows you to get out and meet other people who are in the same position as you, helping you to make friends who you can inspire and draw inspiration from, as well as creating a network of people whose skills could be beneficial to you in your business and vice versa. 

  • Impress your network

Working from home or from coffee shops isn’t ideal when a client or associate would like a meeting. Co-working spaces usually offer the use of meeting rooms for free. The Hive co-working memberships include the use of meeting and conference rooms, free parking AND free coffee – a sure-fire way of impressing existing and potential clients.

  • Educational events and opportunities

Being a member of a co-working space usually means that you will have access to many free or low-cost educational and networking events, allowing you to learn new skills, improve existing ones and to network effectively with other people in business. The Hive runs events regularly, providing meaningful opportunities to its members, bringing together like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs – a true advantage and added extra benefit of choosing co-working.


To conclude, co-working is a fantastic solution if you are struggling to decide between home working or renting an office. The Hive offers beautiful, relaxed and professional co-working spaces in Mauritius at fantastic rates with all of the above benefits and more. To find out more and to book a free day pass, click here. 

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The Benefits of Co-working

August 25, 2017

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